The Fishing

Pete and the team at Tzer charters have fished in and around Hauraki Gulf’s waters for the majority of their fishing lives. They know what locations are likely to have the fish species you are wishing to target and more importantly, what and when the fish are biting.

The types of fish you are most likely to encounter on a Tzer charter are listed below. The photos are good examples of the fish landed by Pete and his team.


Snapper can be caught all year round here but the months of October through to May being the best times. Fish can be caught anywhere from the surf zone right out to 100m. Most snapper are taken generally bottom fishing but stray lining produces the better class of fish up to & over 20lbs.


Are the mainstay of species targeted by recreational fishers here in Gisborne. They are one of New Zealand’s top eating table fish and take a wide variety of baits.


Kingfish are taken using a wide variety of fishing methods. Jigging has become very popular and a good method for targeting the Kingfish population.



Trevally are great fun on light tackle. Although not a target species we will catch them while stray lining for snapper and often have them feeding right at the boat. They are a sucker for a small cube bait floated back down the burley trail.


New Zealand waters can offer some fantastic fishing for Bluenose, Hāpuku / Bass & Trumpeter. They are a highly rated eating fish, highly regarded amongst chefs. Hāpuku / Bass grow to 1.8m and reach weights of 80kg.



The months of February & March can still offer up some great catches of Marlin. There is small fishery being developed for Broadbill during the cooler months of the year.



A variety of Tuna are landed all year round, and are incredible to catch, an extreme test of any anglers abilities and gear.