Craig Miller (skipper/guide)
Fishing has been Craig’s passion since he has been old enough to know what a fish was. Originally from Whangarei and after a period of living in Australia in the late sixties early seventies his parents relocated the family to Gisborne on the East Coast of New Zealand and has been a part of the Gisborne community ever since.

Much of Craig’s time was spent down at the local wharf before graduating to fishing the many surf beaches up & down the coast as he grew older.

After leaving school he secured a job on one of the local cray fishing boats from where he then spent the next 20 years commercial fishing mainly out of Gisborne but also spent a short period fishing in Fiji.

Craig was also a founding member of the New Zealand Land Based Gamefishing Club & served on the committee for a number of years. Craig currently serves on the Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club committee as Club Captain, Craig is responsible for organising all the club fishing events.

Craig has also spent time writing for such magazines as New Zealand Fishing News & Coast to Coast.

Craig has a reputation for many fine captures especially when it comes to stray lining for big snapper with the setting of the benchmark for the IGFA world record 15kg line class at 12.96kg one of his memorable achievements.

In recent years jigging and softbaiting have become successful methods employed by Craig & his crew.

Tzer charters has been set up primarily to cater for those who wish to catch fish but cant afford the luxury of owing their own boat. Craig is always keen to share his knowledge and is only too willing to help anglers develop their own fishing abilities by way of tuition.

So whether it be catching snapper or marlin Craig & his crew will endeavour to make your day on the water one to remember.